SkyCatch Relief

Skycatch Discusses Paleontology and Archaeology with UC Berkeley Researchers

On February 16, the Skycatch team met with members of UC Berkeley’s Paleontology and Archaeology departments to discuss how drones might play a greater role in their respective research and the development of their fieldwork. Their work focuses on conservation, paleoecology, and how flora and fauna have responded to climate changes and historical human activities,… continue reading »

New 7.3 Magnitude Tremor

A 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on May 11 near Mount Everest. The Skycatch Relief team is safe and resuming operations. Skycatch Lead Engineer David Chen captured the following footage on his phone as the team were on route to map Changu Narayan Temple: About to map Changu Narayan Temple with @skycatch when a 7.3… continue reading »

Skycatch Officially Granted Permission to Fly by Nepal Government

Earlier this week, The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal issued an order making it mandatory to get prior permission to use drones in Nepal. With the incredible help of JSA and UNESCO and countless hours spent with various government offices, Skycatch has officially received all of the letters from various government agencies granting permission to fly at any… continue reading »

First Flights on the Ground in Nepal

Skycatch has been in Nepal supporting the relief effort for several days now. Many structures were severely damaged, with hospitals being among the most vulnerable facilities, since they need to not only maintain current patients but the influx of new patients from the disaster.  Hospitals must be quickly assessed and be deemed operable or inoperable… continue reading »

Skycatch Deploying UAVs and Two Engineers to Nepal for Earthquake Relief

Skycatch is joining the relief efforts for Nepal by providing UAV mapping assistance after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the country on Saturday. We are deploying a number of resources to help with search and rescue, logistics, planning, and damage assessment. This week, two Skycatch engineers are heading to Kathmandu to map the highest priority… continue reading »