SkyCatch Relief

Skycatch Attends UCSF Malaria Conference And Joins The Fight Against Malaria

On December 15th and 16th, UCSF Global Health Sciences hosted the Aerial Mosquito Control and Surveillance for Malaria Elimination Meeting at their new Mission Bay campus to discuss innovative approaches to malaria vector control. The Skycatch team was asked to join the conversation and serve as subject matter experts on the use of drones for… continue reading »

1 Month Mapping Nepal – Updates from the Field

It’s been 4 weeks since the first quake struck and we deployed our first team of expert drone pilots for immediate aerial & ground support. With operations still underway, we’ve established strong relationships with the Department of Archaeology, government organizations, and nonprofits, such as UNESCO & World Bank, to adhere to necessary protocol and complete… continue reading »

Preparing for Monsoon Season – Week 3 in Nepal

Peter Blake (Director of Fleet Ops & Former Marine Corps. Harrier pilot) is leading a team of 2 top Skycatch engineers and pilots, Fran Wang and Stephan Brown in Skycatch’s 3rd deployment in Nepal. A fourth rotation deployed this past weekend as the team continues to advance operations to assess the damage and help rebuild Nepal. After enduring 2 calamitous… continue reading »