SkyCatch Relief

1 Month Mapping Nepal – Updates from the Field

It’s been 4 weeks since the first quake struck and we deployed our first team of expert drone pilots for immediate aerial & ground support. With operations still underway, we’ve established strong relationships with the Department of Archaeology, government organizations, and nonprofits, such as UNESCO & World Bank, to adhere to necessary protocol and complete… continue reading »

Preparing for Monsoon Season – Week 3 in Nepal

Peter Blake (Director of Fleet Ops & Former Marine Corps. Harrier pilot) is leading a team of 2 top Skycatch engineers and pilots, Fran Wang and Stephan Brown in Skycatch’s 3rd deployment in Nepal. A fourth rotation deployed this past weekend as the team continues to advance operations to assess the damage and help rebuild Nepal. After enduring 2 calamitous… continue reading »