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As part of the our Skycatch@School program, members of our team recently spent an afternoon with a group of students at Marin Montessori School just north of San Francisco. We worked with an excited bunch of 35 middle school students who were eager to learn about Skycatch and drone technology.

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The Skycatch team showed the students what we do at Skycatch, the tools we build, and how we work with clients. We dug deep into the value of aerial data and what exactly one can learn when flying several hundred feet above the ground. Next, our Director of Flight Operations, Peter Blake, unpacked one of our UAV kits and passed around various parts and pieces including, air frames and sensors, carefully explaining their use and answering a range of amazing questions.

One of our favorite questions was, “How high can a drone fly?”, to which we answered, “We set the drone to operate at a safe maximum ceiling.” The student was not assuaged and immediately followed with, “No, I mean how high can it physically fly?”, at which point Peter immediately launched into an explanation of air densities and what maximum flight elevations. We were all impressed by the group’s challenging questions and knowledge of engineering and basic principles of flight.

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Eventually, the team and students headed outside to the rear of the school where there was a wealth of open space and flew a short mission capturing several dozen images, which we later presented to the group on of the Dashboard. The students can now view their school from above,understand what it takes to properly capture, and process imagery and how valuable that data truly is.

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The Skycatch@School team had a wonderful time with the students and teachers at MMS and want to thank them for taking the time to learn more about aerial imagery, engineering, flight and the wonderful world of drones. If you want to know more, please contact us at: relief(at)