Skycatch@School is a new Skycatch initiative that sends our pilots and engineers into schools to teach students about drones, engineering and aviation. Team members talk about and show various drones, discuss their design and construction as well as their application, answer questions and fly a real mission with one of our drones when conditions permit. By doing so, Skycatch hopes to augment existing scholastic programs and inspire the next generation of drone experts.

The Skycatch team has already worked with two schools and is interested in helping to share our knowledge with others. Pictured above are the students from Marin Montessori School where we recently flew while our other recent success was working with a robotics team from Midlothian, VA that went on to win their local competition and qualify for the state championships.  We are looking for more schools that share an interest in teaching their students about realworld technology through hands-on experiences. If you are interested in having us visit your school please do not hesitate to reach out and let us know at relief(at)skycatch.com